Thursday, October 9, 2014

Always Fly

always fly
with your feelings
with your soul
always fly
never look back
or give them a chance to control

always fly
you're always free
be like a tree facing the wind
stand into the hurricanes
and never bend
be the best version of yourself
be proud, you don't have to pretend

get higher and higher and touch the stars
nothing impossible when you're above the skies
your feelings are powerful they can lead you
everything can happen in a blink of eye

be the light be the hope if you can't find any
on the top of the world there are not so many
you don't have to be afraid, see the fear inside of others,
look up to the stars, you can always go further.
get a dream and follow it, never give it up
life is not that easy and yet, not any harder

follow the sound that comes from your heart
follow the life that you're always into
inside of your mind you've got the answers.
don't give them up, and always make it through
the hard times won't last forever
it's your life you can reach what you're up to

Always Fly

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