Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Anti Mahraganat. (Anti bad music).

you wanna call it art but it's just a rubbish
it's not a rap music not even house,
what kind of this music? you can't even name it
but you keep playing it while most of us hate it

art as i know is the feed of the soul,
your plates might full, but you're dumb and fool
your mind is hypnotized, and maybe it's crashed
you look like a shit and you seem to eat trash

you're showy and proud of your dumb moves
the same kind of words, not a magic not cool.
I'm here to beat you up, you'll burn like phenol,
I'm the new magician and my words are the prove

you're talking like a president, but you're nothing but a slug
you're totally fake and ignorant, on my shoulders you're a bug
you're acting like a scientist, but your words are so fog
you say so much of shit, and we don't give a f**k