Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Perfect and Unfinished Song

I fall in love with you, like I never fell before.
I loved the way you smile when life goes wrong.
And how you keep it together through anything through whatever.
And how you keep whole.
I hoped that we could be something more than friends.
It was one word from you and I knew where I'd belong.

Let me tell the story from the very beginning
When you fall in love it's the best thing could ever happen
I started to realize what I've been really missing
It's you my best friend, what I need what I'm wanting

I know it's weird when you fall for your best friend
But for me you were the love that would never end
And I loved you and I told that I don't regret that
You were so perfect for me more than what I've dreamt

But suddenly something happened something I can't understand
You choose to move away while letting go wasn't ever planned
I don't know what it is, and I didn't know how to act
I felt the hurt inside, but there's nothing that I'd regret.
We end up to be apart, our friendship got out of hand.
And we've become, the perfect and unfinished song.

I'm sure about my feelings as I'm sure about yours.
So I'll keep the hope as long as I ever could.
Coz our love is a perfect song I would make it complete.
And I know I can't get enough of you coz you're only what I need.

You're the Perfect and Unfinished Song


  1. "amazing de akid 3shany lol :D good job wa ana ba2ra el lyrics gah fe baly shayne ward :D "tslem el2yady

    1. hahahahahaha thank us so much, I\ll try to contact him and tell him that u say hi :)