Friday, October 18, 2013

I Thought

I thought that someday I'd be alone
and Just live my life on my own
and i started to gather the cards of the past
thought that I'd forget the painful cast
prepare to leave it all to fall apart
caring only about my broken parts
getting ready to move on and relief
holding what's left of my own heart

but when i was about to move away
I've met your eyes just on my way
and i stood in my place trying
can't go on don't know what to say

and I've stayed nights and nights illusioned thinking
about how you penetrated into my life and my heart
till i met your eyes again and i wasn't even blinking
your eyes got through me and tear my past apart

days and days have passed over
and I'm trying to confirm my feelings to you
but it wasn't so long till i became sure
and i hoped that you feel the way i do
till i got the sign and knew what it is
it's an obvious love case for both, me and you

i can thank God a life time for sending you for me
i was sunken in the dark can't get up in a stormy sea
and I've found you and in my heart your place will be
I'll keep you forever coz after all you belong to me