Monday, April 1, 2013

follow the stars

Its been a time,
I didn't write a single word.
I've been blank,
But everything still in hold,
And I'm back now,
And I've message to the world.

No matter how time kept your dreams away,
How long it seems, or how long it will be,
You have to keep the faith and renew it everyday,
With a few steps you can start a new way.

My dreams are not far away from me.
I gotta keep chasing them, it's my destiny,
Without giving up without holding back,
And I'll give what it takes to bring them closer to me.

Day after day time keeps taking,
I've seen enough, now stop talking,
And lets do something remarkable in our memory.
You got it all inside, just send your soul free.

All People just met on the same train,
But different ways everyone will take,
Ways can make you fly with no wings,
And others bring you down, are just full of mistakes.

Chasing a dream is like following a star,
Wherever it shines, you'll see the sparks.
And you can catch it whenever you can,
Just work harder, and set everything to a plane.

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