Friday, March 29, 2013

The LightHouse

When you feel that you're lost,
Can't go on, roads got twisted.
Surrounded by dark with no hope,
To get redeemed, it's just wasted.

When the weakness is in your eyes,
You feel afraid just to look forward.
And your heart races, runs so fast,
How you think you can get rewarded


And beyond your fantasy,
You just keep looking and searching.
While your life is so empty,
You just think that you're changing.

Just know you're fooling yourself,
And that way you're acting in silliness.
I know you're just feeling down,
But take my words, don’t feel offended.

Just try to be the strongest,
And release what you're thinking.
And change your point of view,
Just like that you’ll be positive.
Moreover, you've to be bold,
And no matter what, just keep facing.

And try to be as the light house,
No matter happens it keeps standing.
And when the way is unknown,
It spreads the lights, and keeps guiding.
And when it’s surrounded by hurricanes,
It gives us the hope, and never stops lighting.

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