Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm Ready To Fight

I'm ready to fight the whole world for you.
ready to build your dream home.
ready to carry on for you.
Cause i can't leave you on your own.

but someday I'll have to let go,
And forget what I've said to you.
Cause I can't raise my own life on a dream,
That might never come true.

And if we're someday meant to be,
Nothing will stop us or hold us back.
But I just need something to believe in,
Cause in this way there's no coming back.
And I promise I won't hurt you,
Cause this time I've fall so bad.

And to be honest, I'm loving you,
This is the word that I couldn't tell.
I was afraid of how you'll react,
But not this time, just no more.

And only god knows that there's
nothing inside me to hide from you.
it's been a time and I'm ready now,
And all I tell is just so true.
And you specially know what everything about,
Since we've met 2 years ago.

but at the end,
i won't be able to fight,
if u can't do the same.
I'll let go with no doubt,
and I'll never feel ashamed.

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